The ultimate CSS Reading List


The Ultimate CSS Reading List by Norman Steger

When it comes down to writing CSS there are lots of dangers and failures you may run into sooner or later. Some of them may occure out of poor naming conventions and confusing stylesheet structuring, others may be the cause of not knowing the right way to accomplish a desired solution.

The good news is: All of this headache can be avoided IF you know where to look for the right cheat sheets. This post is my attempt to create a list of recommendations of what sites you have to pay a good read, if you want to improve yourself as a CSS architect. And as a frontend developer in general of course.

CSS Reference - Screenshot made 12th December 2016

This is probably the ultimative cheat sheet for every soon-to-become UX web design professional, as well as for those that already are. In the CSS Reference you’ll find every CSS Rule that you’re able to use in modern browsers. Visual examples included!

The CSS Guidelines - Screenshot made 12th December 2016

This is a definitiv must-read for every designer and developer that is struggling with keeping scalability and modularity in projects of greater size. Especially if you work with precompilers like SASS or LESS, this guide will have some really clever and handy workflow tipps for you.

The Flexbox Froggy - Screenshot made 12th December 2016

An interactive learning course for everyone that needs to learn about flexbox – yes, that includes yourself. It shouldn’t take you more than 30 to 45 minutes to complete the course and you’ll be up and ready to become a friggin’ flexbox ninja.

Got any suggestions?

Do you know any CSS reference sites that you are missing in my list? Feel free to leave a comment and I may add your suggestion. Happy Coding!

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